Honest to Greatness: What Do Millennials Believe About Marketing in the 21st Century?

The entire business world changed because of the internet. The democratization of information yielded consumers who are more knowledgeable and more powerful than ever before.  Marketing today requires a new set of communication concepts that emphasize transparency. In other words, Honesty is the only policy that will ever be effective again.
Author, speaker and entrepreneur Peter Kozodoy will look at how book publishers can promote reading, authors and books to a new generation with very different expectations about marketing.
In this insightful session you will:

  • Learn how well-known brands outside of publishing practice honesty and transparency to win over millennials
  • Discover the power of cause-related marketing, and how it can work for books
  • Innovate with a millennial mindset to amplify the impact of book media, reviews, and social sharing