Converging Standards: The Future is Happening Now, and You'll Like What You See

As our ecosystem gets ever more complex, there is one dynamic that's actually simplifying things: the convergence of many of the standards we depend upon. EPUB is becoming ever more "pure Web standards"-based. The W3C is actively working to make web technologies like HTML and CSS better able to address the needs of professional publishing. And this convergence is already beginning to bear fruit: some publishers are moving to fully HTML+CSS workflows to create beautiful educational, technical, and trade books. In this session, you will learn how these converging standards are making it ever easier to create a single publication that works as a standalone ebook in most reading systems and platforms; as a publication that lives on the Web and can be viewed natively in browsers; and even rendered as print—all without requiring different formats and different sets of files. You will see a demo of how Hachette is using HTML and CSS to create beautiful trade books as print and ebooks—including a visionary pilot that even renders a complex travel guide purely with web technologies.