Getting to Yes: Converting Book Browsers to Book Buyers in the Age of Overload

Discovery is critical but converting the sale is king. Based on the latest national book buyer data from Codex-Group, less than a third of books read by regular book buyers generate any publisher, author, retailer or agent revenue! The majority of those are either borrowed, downloaded for free or bought used. In “Getting to Yes”, Codex-Group president and founder, Peter Hildick-Smith will share the company’s latest findings, mapping today’s increasingly complex book buyer journey – from initial book discovery to ultimate conversion to a new book purchase – identifying the obstacles and opportunities this journey presents for renewed industry sales growth.

•    See the journey book buyer’s travel from initial awareness to conversion to buy
•    Learn the 5 Major Book Buying Style Segments: from “read for free” all the way to “buy it new now”
•    Discover where each segment buys their books and how many bought