From Consumer Data to Consumer Insight

How much do you know about your readers? Where are they discovering books and where do they go to buy them?  Instinct and sales data can only get you so far.  If you want to know what your readers think, just ask!

Jim Hanas explains how HarperCollins expanded its daily Bookperk newsletter into a community of superfans to provide audience intelligence on demand.  Jo Henry of Nielsen BookScan will show how to use consumer data to understand how the market is changing, how to compare your key consumer segments with the market overall, and how to reach new customers.

Key questions addressed by this session include:
•    What does your potential market look like and how big is it?
•    How can you reach your audience? What sort of marketing messages will resonate with them?
•    Are you getting all the value out of the reader relationships you have right now?
•    How do you pair data with surveys to get the whole picture of your reader?