How to Thrive in an Era of Constant Change

The pace of consolidation in book publishing continues to increase. Everyone’s job in on the line. Trying to out-bestsell the competition is no longer a viable strategy. And yet new opportunities abound if you know where to look. You can thrive in this challenging market: we’ll look at some winning strategies.

Some Takeaways
•    Has “The ‘Big Change’ era in trade book publishing really ended? This may be just the beginning.
•    AI, machine learning, data mining: these technologies are moving into publishing. What do they mean to you?
•    As  Netflix CEO Reed Hastings notes, the real competition is outside of our isolated industry.
•    What do you do when one retailer holds such a dominant position: “What if Amazon Was Your Only Customer?”
•    Maybe things aren’t so bad: Just look at the newspaper/magazine publishing industry!