Separating the Trends from Fads -- Practical Strategies for Identifying Real Growth Opportunities

What's really hot?  What's really not?  And what really seems like it's hot when in fact it's something else entirely? In today's 24/7, 28M books-in-print marketplace, it can be very difficult to understand how to make sense of the multitude of figures, anecdotes, and opinions about the latest trend.  How can you sort through the noise for a real insight to help you grow your business?

Join Nielsen's Director of Business Development, Kristen McLean, as she walks us through her approach to uncovering the trends she forecasts for her clients, including the key questions she starts with, the avoidable pitfalls, and some secret hacks that get the job done. This will be a sensible, practical, and fun session designed for editors, agents, and authors.

Attendees will learn:
•    The key indicators that separate long term trends from short term fads
•    The best easily-available sources to monitor for good information
•    Recent examples of trends to take to the bank
•    How publishers and others are bending the rules to make their books stand out