Digital Book World Conference + Expo Agenda

Explore 2017’s exciting program and gear up for Digital Book World 2017—returning to the New York Hilton Midtown this upcoming January!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

9:00am Welcome & Introduction to the New DBW
9:15am - 9:45am 7 Questions for Macmillan CEO John SargentOne of book publishing’s most respected leaders will address seven critical issues facing the book publishing industry in 2017. John Sargent
9:45am - 10:05am Nielsen 2016 Data Year in ReviewJonathan Stolper, SVP Global Managing Director of Nielsen Book will discuss the transformational changes taking place in the book industry.  Jonathan Stolper
10:05am - 10:30am Introduction to Conference Captains & TracksHear from Conference Chair, Ted Hill as he introduces the 2017 conference captains. Find out the thought behind each track and learn what to expect over the 2-day program. Ted Hill, Laura Dail, Bill Kasdorf, Rick Pascocello, and Kempton Mooney
10:30am Networking Break and Coffee
Editorial Acquisitions + Development

Production + Distribution

Marketing + Sales

Data Analysis + Reporting
11:00am – 11:20am State of the Union: Editors, Authors & AgentsIn the DBW State of the Union for Editorial Acquisitions and Development, track captain Laura Dail will summarize the key events and issues of the past year and alert you to rising trends that will make a difference in 2017.Laura Dail
State of the Union: Production, Distribution & Operations In the DBW State of the Union for Production, Distribution and Supply chain issues, track captain Bill Kasdorf will summarize the key events and issues of the past year and alert you to rising trends that will make a difference in 2017. Bill Kasdorf
State of the Union: Marketing & SalesIn the DBW State of the Union for Marketing and Sales, track captain Rick Pascocello will summarize the key events and issues of the past year and alert you to rising trends that will make a difference in 2017. Rick Pascocello State of the Union: Data, Analytics & ReportingIn the DBW State of the Union for Data, Analytics, and Discovery, track captain Kempton Mooney will summarize the key events and issues of the past year and alert you to rising trends that will make a difference in 2017. Kempton Mooney
11:20am – 12:30pm What's Working, What's Not: Top Publishers Talk About The TradeModerated by PW’s, Jim Milliot, join leading editors from HarperCollins, Grand Central Publishing, Flatiron Books, and Rodale Press  as they share their insights into the shifting markets for their books and authors. Sara Nelson, Deb Futter, Amy Einhorn, Jennifer Levesque, Jim Milliot (Moderator)

Creating New Workflows that Work: How to Reduce Friction in Your Products, Processes, and PeopleToday's technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to streamline workflows, reduce costs, and deliver products in the multiple formats users demand—print, ebook, online, apps, and the next big thing. This session will provide three contrasting real-life success stories. Greg Suprock, Liisa McCloy-Kelley, Michael Gaudet, Scott Lubeck (Moderator)


What Sells Books Now: Strategies & Tactics for Modern Marketing
Where should smart marketers direct their resources to sell more books? Offering a broad range of perspectives, this power session features dives into specific actions marketers can take that help to sell books today.
  Kristin Fassler, Peter McCarthy, Mary McAveney
The Digital Decline: What's Really Happening? What's Next? This session will explore factors ranging from the shift away from dedicated ebook devices, to pricing and changing consumer preferences, to false declines caused by data gaps related to competition from free or independently published works. Data Guy, David Burleigh
12:30pm - 2:00pm Lunch Provided and Exhibits
2:00pm – 2:30pm Separating the Trends from Fads -- Practical Strategies for Identifying Real Growth OpportunitiesJoin Nielsen's Director of Business Development, Kristen McLean, as she walks us through her approach to uncovering the trends she forecasts for her clients, including the key questions she starts with, the avoidable pitfalls, and some secret hacks that get the job done. This will be a sensible, practical, and fun session designed for editors, agents, and authors. Kristen McLean
Embracing Complexity: Thriving in a Multi-Product, Multi-Format, Multi-Platform WorldIn this session we will take a more holistic look at why the intersection of Content, Metadata and Identifiers forms the critical path between publisher and consumer. Phil Madans Listen to Your Media: Social Listening For BooksFind out how to define the goals of your social media strategy, understand the measurements of success, and set realistic expectations for a return on your investment. Rick Joyce The 6 Best Ways to Use DataThis session will tie together many of the topics addressed at this years conference, looking at the different data sources available to publishers, the market insights that can be culled from each, and how to act on those insights to support better marketing and sales. Kelly Gallagher
2:40pm – 3:25pm Old Models Made New: BOMC, BookShots & Serial Box New models for connecting books with readers range from revitalized book club strategies, to short form, to serialized works.  Find out how three innovative approaches are working in the market and what they might mean for your publishing program. Maris Kreizman, Molly Barton, Trish Daly, Laura Fazio, Peter Costanzo (Moderator)
It's All About the Customer: How to Think Print + Platform + Product In this session a major educational publisher and a trade publisher serving a diverse clientele show how they are making this happen—creating more value for their customers and getting more mileage from their content. Ken Brooks, Phil Sexton
Next Generation Influencer Marketing: Trends, Technologies & TacticsThis practical session features current and former executives from NetGalley, GoodReads, and Grapevine Logic--publishing insiders as well as upstarts and outsiders—who will demonstrate how marketers can help influencers work their magic in their respective communities. Susan Ruszala, Marguerite Joly, Grant Deken, Patrick Brown
Big Data, Machine Learning & Chatbots: Current Applications for Publishers This session will provide a series of use cases to help you understand the new technologies and show you how they are being applied today. You'll learn what’s possible with the current generation of tools and technologies, and get a glimpse of what’s coming next. Cliff Guren
3:25pm - 3:55pm Networking Break and Exhibits
3:25pm - 3:55pm Virtusales Sponsored Case Study - The Perfect Circle – Efficient Workflow of Data Throughout the Publishing Life CycleThis session offers a real life approach to tackling this daunting task in the rapidly growing and changing business of the UK arm of Bonner Publishing, using the joint application of BiblioLIVE from Virtusales, and CoreSource from Ingram. It will follow how Bonnier manages the current life cycle of data from acquisition, metadata creation, codification and distribution through to gathering sales and processing royalties. Shane Hegarty
4:00pm – 4:45pm The Changing Role of Agents: What It Means For Your BusinessFive top agents talk about how their jobs have changed, their challenges, their deals, and where they see the business going. This session is for editors and writers wondering how all of this affects them and their ability to foster a more open and knowledgeable dialogue with agents.  Ginger Clark, Brian DeFiore, Regina Brooks, Laura Nolan and Christy Fletcher, John Mutter (Moderator)
Accessibility Master Class: It's Not Rocket Science, and You're Closer Than You Think This session will review the new EPUB Accessibility guidelines which provide a baseline for success, Provide clear guidance on what to do and how to do it and Discuss the metadata and documents you need to demonstrate a work is accessible. George Kerscher, Charles LaPierre
Remaking the Copywriting Process and the Shift From B2B to B2CThis fascinating case-study describes how one leading publisher worked over time to remake their copywriting process to produce both the best B2B and consumer-facing copy—an initiative that required tackling organizational, technical, and cultural changes to get it right. Paul Colarusso, Steve Tager, Nicole Russo Identifiers Master Class: What They Are & What They're Good ForAs books are increasingly sold alongside other products and as we develop new ways to publish and distribute book content, we see not just the familiar ISBN in our supply chain, but other identifiers such as ISRC, ISNI, DOI, and ISTC. Identifiers Master Class will uncover the relevance and value to your business of these terms and the reasons behind their creation. Laura Dawson
4:55pm – 5:25pm Needles in a Haystack: How Wattpad Finds the Best AuthorsLearn how building an audience on Wattpad can lead to valuable opportunities that influence a writer's journey along the publishing funnel. This session is perfect for agents, editors and authors who want to explore alternate publishing strategies. Ashleigh Gardner 5 Tools You'll Wonder How You Lived Without 5 Tools will examine a selection of powerful specialized software tools (much of it free or low-cost) that can clean up documents better than most human editors, turbo-charge an online marketing campaign or increase author productivity by an order of magnitude. This practical session will include quick demos that reveal the secrets that make these tools so valuable. Thad McIlroy
Getting to Yes: Converting Book Browsers to Book Buyers in the Age of OverloadIn “Getting to Yes”, Codex-Group president and founder, Peter Hildick-Smith will share the company’s latest findings, mapping today’s increasingly complex book buyer journey – from initial book discovery to ultimate conversion to a new book purchase – identifying the obstacles and opportunities this journey presents for renewed industry sales growth. Peter Hildick-Smith Analyzing the AnalyticsEffective digital marketing is skill that moves fast. It depends on understanding how to use the most current analytic tools that tell you why your campaigns are working--or not.
In this practical session, Mike King from iPullRank will discuss best practices for tools such as SEMRush, AdWords Keyword Planner, and Moz Explorer.
Mike King
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Networking Cocktail Reception
6:30 pm DBW Meet-up Sponsored by Virtusales at Tanner Smith'sJoin your fellow DBW attendees for a drink and light food at Tanner Smith's!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017



9:00am Welcome
9:15am - 9:45 am How to Apply Design Thinking to Your Work & LifeBill Burnett is a designer, educator and author of Designing Your Life will show you how the principles of design thinking can help you find new solutions to old, seemingly intractable problems.  Bill Burnett
9:45am - 10:15 am Thinking Differently About ProductivityIn his talk, Chris will show you how to think differently about productivity, and share a few tactics that will help you get there.  Chris Bailey
10:15am - 10:30 am A Look Into the Latest Sales Trends from Author EarningsData Guy will offer a unique perspective on sales trends within Amazon and competition to traditional publishing from indie and self-publishing from the most innovative analysts.  Data Guy
10:30am Networking Break and Coffee
Editorial Acquisitions + Development

Production + Distribution

Marketing + Sales

Data Analysis + Reporting
11:00am – 12:30pm How to Work More Effectively with the MediaThis panel of book reporters and reviewers, radio and television producers and bookers from top national outlets like the The New York Times, NPR and Entertainment Weekly will talk about how they work and what they’re looking for. Your job is to help them find the content they really want, not load them with books that won’t interest their constituents. Yona Deshommes, Tina Jordan, Melissa Eagan, Alexandra Alter, Ellen Frankman, Robin Sanders, Scott Manning (Moderator)
Taking Control of The Channel: Native Retailing, Agile Global Print, & Vendor Managed Inventory for Book Publishers As Amazon continues to grow as the largest sales channel for many publishers, it is tempting to redefine the role of the book publisher as passive participants whose only option is to make the best of a sales environment increasingly beyond their control. This session challenges that assumption with close examinations of three very different approaches. Ron Martinez, Tara Catogge, Gareth Jarrett, Marcus Woodburn (Moderator)
Will Bars Save Bookstores? New Strategies from the Front Lines of RetailThis insightful panel will include top executives from the front lines of retailing about what is working--or not working—in retail right now. Joe Matthews, Tim McCall, Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, Oren Teicher, Jessica Ko (Moderator)
Envisioning & Sharing Information Within the OrganizationIn this session, you’ll hear three perspectives from a leading publisher, a provider of business intelligence tools, and a digital distributer and services company on: How do you decide what information should be shared and with whom, how do you promote usage of the information they have and what are the problems you’ll encounter and how do you overcome them. Frank Bunker, Mike Rohr, Gareth Cuddy
12:30pm - 2:00pm Lunch Provided and Exhibits
12:30pm - 2:00pm IDPF Meeting
2:00pm – 2:30pm What's New in Book to FilmLearn how you can get your books on Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon, in addition to the usual roster of networks and studios. Mary Pender-Coplan, Steve Fisher, Chris Lupo (Moderator) 
Does Your Content Know Its Rights?Publishers have long understood that the key to maximizing revenue from intellectual property lies in knowing what rights they have for which assets and being able to convey them to trading partners so you can leverage them widely yet legally. This informative session will provide an industry update on new developments to solve a perennial problem. Bill Rosenblatt
Social Commerce: How Does it Work and Can it Sell Books?What is social commerce? How does it work? And can it effectively sell your books? Gregg Sullivan of Sullivan+Partners has worked with both independent authors and the large houses developing innovative social media marketing campaigns that truly drive sales. Join him as he presents successful social commerce examples from a variety of categories and social media platforms.Gregg Sullivan Owning Your Data:How & Why to Bring Data Together from Diverse SourcesGathering and normalizing data from a diverse range of business systems and sources can be a daunting and expensive process. Done right, however, it plays an essential role in sustaining a profitable business. This session will look at the returns from different levels of investment. Greg Sitzman
2:40pm – 3:25pm Essential Insights into the Future of Audiobooks Executives from Penguin Random House, Recorded Books, OverDrive, and Findaway will discuss the changes and trends affecting their businesses and markets.  Learn where the market's going and whether you're doing everything you can to capitalize on this growing format. Amanda D'Acierno, Ron Formica, Michele Cobb, Ralph Lazaro, Erica Lazzaro, Lorraine Shanley (Moderator)
Best Practices for Metadata Management: What You Need to Know to Do It Right In this session, you will learn the five most important things you can do to manage your metadata efficiently. You will walk away with practical advice and examples that will impact your thinking immediately, as well as actionable steps you can take now to increase your sales for years to come. Joshua Tallent
Book Pricing Strategies for 2017: What the Big 5 Can't Talk AboutThis panel will feature valuable data from people who can talk about price as it relates to: dynamic pricing experimentation, introductory pricing strategies, pricing for different formats, heavily marketed price promotions, and other pricing tales people from the Big 5 can’t tell you. Peter Hildick-Smith, Katie Donelan, Dan Lubart, Venky Subramanian
Using Your Operational Metrics to Accelerate TransformationWhether you are a productivity geek, or someone wanting a simple understanding of KPIs, this session focuses on engaging ways to use – or improve – publishing activity measurement. Carolyn Pittis
3:25pm - 3:55pm Networking Break and Exhibits
3:25pm - 3:55pm Vearsa Sponsored Case Study - Vearsa—Live Book DataLearn how to see your sales instantly and understand what the competition is doing. Gareth Cuddy
4:00pm – 4:45pm Authors as Entrepreneurs: The Road From Amateur to Professional The author’s role in promoting her own book has grown dramatically. But before she starts tweeting and posting into the void, it’s important to consider her business objectives and market strategically. Sarah Mlynowski, Ann Garvin, Julie Trelstad Converging Standards: The Future is Happening Now, and You'll Like What You SeeIn this session, you will learn how converging standards are making it ever easier to create a single publication that works as a standalone ebook in most reading systems and platforms; as a publication that lives on the Web and can be viewed natively in browsers; and even rendered as print—all without requiring different formats and different sets of files. Bill Kasdorf, Dave Cramer
How to Increase Visibility & Sales Through Audience Analysis & Targeted KeywordsChris Sim of Kadaxis and Doug Lessing of Firebrand Research Labs demonstrate how to amplify your titles and maximize sales through the use of Audience Analysis and Keywords. Learn how Amazon uses keywords and keyword ranking for search and understand how the audience, and what they say about your books in reviews and social media, is often as important as what you say. Chris Sim and Doug Lessing
From Consumer Data to Consumer InsightJim Hanas explains how HarperCollins expanded its daily Bookperk newsletter into a community of superfans to provide audience intelligence on demand.  Jo Henry of Nielsen BookScan will show how to use consumer data to understand how the market is changing, how to compare your key consumer segments with the market overall, and how to reach new customers. Jim Hanas, Jo Henry
4:55pm – 5:25pm The Promise and Perils of the Algorithm-Driven EconomyOne of the two thought-provoking authors of Virtual Competition, Maurice E. Stuck, closes this conference track in conversation with Mary Rasenberger, Executive Director of the Authors Guild, about what this means for books and authors.  Maurice E. Stucke and Mary Rasenberger
How to Thrive in an Era of Constant ChangeThe pace of consolidation in book publishing continues to increase. Everyone’s job in on the line. Trying to out-bestsell the competition is no longer a viable strategy. And yet new opportunities abound if you know where to look. You can thrive in this challenging market: we’ll look at some winning strategies. Thad McIlroy

Honest to Greatness: What do Millennials Believe About Marketing in the 21st Century Marketing today requires a new set of communication concepts that emphasize transparency. In other words, Honesty is the only policy that will ever be effective again.
Author, speaker and entrepreneur Peter Kozodoy will look at how book publishers can promote reading, authors and books to a new generation with very different expectations about marketing.
Peter Kozodoy
How to Think Strategically About Data in 2017In this final session, we will review the key insights from this year’s conference and discuss how to put them in action over the course of 2017. We'll cover the points that changed our view of things, the best practices to be implemented, and strategies for dealing with both opportunities and obstacles alike. Kempton Mooney