About Digital Book World

Digital Book World

2017 marks the eighth year of Digital Book World and a new direction for the event, now known simply as DBW. With a pivot toward solution-focused strategies paired with insightful programming, the new DBW is designed to equip your whole team with tangible skills needed to thrive in publishing’s evolving landscape.

The Network

There is nothing more powerful than the Digital Book World network. It represents a cross-section of the content industry, from presidents, CEOs, editors, marketers and publicists of large and small houses, newspapers, magazines and digital-only media firms, to agents, authors, booksellers, librarians and technologists. Join these professionals and make the contacts that will help drive your business forward.

The Opportunities

Growth and opportunity are everywhere in the media industry if you know how to take advantage of them. Let Digital Book World and its family of products help you identify those opportunities, expose you to the best practices available to capitalize on them, and be your guide to digital publishing success.

DBW is a must-attend event for anyone in the publishing and media business who wants to build a more successful business in the coming year. How publishers find their content is changing, your customers discover their content is changing, how readers consume their content is changing and the entire world of publishing is changing along with it. To remain relevant and successful, you’ve got to adapt your business practices. Let Digital Book World show you how.

The Community

DBW is a leading source of news, analysis and education on the intersection of book publishing and digital media. It is a fast-growing community of publishing and digital media professionals, as well as the producer of the market-leading live event DBW.

F+W, A Content + eCommerce Company

F+W connects passionate, like-minded groups of people to share an ongoing exchange of information, ideas, and inspiration. F+W is committed to providing the very best experience for our customers across our communities—digital media, writing, design, outdoors, and lifestyle, among many others. The company offers exclusive events, online learning programs, research services, custom content, books and magazines (digital and print), curated kits and other services to its millions of customers worldwide.