Data Guy

Data Analyst, Author Earnings

Author Earnings is a nonprofit venture focused on publishing industry data analysis, by authors and for authors. Author Earnings began in February 2014 as a collaboration between Hugh Howey and the pseudonymous Data Guy, Author Earnings has become one of the top go-to industry data sites for authors, with over 300,000 unique visitors, 650,000 sessions, and nearly a million page views to date.

Author Earnings uses technical means to extract and aggregate sales-based data directly from online retailers, yielding a more comprehensive picture of the broader ebook industry in their reports than that provided by traditional industry statistics, which are only able to cover part of today’s digital publishing market.
Over the past two years, AE’s highly-anticipated quarterly reports for authors have tracked the shift in market share within the digital publishing industry, while also examining the effects of ebook pricing, DRM, genre selection, author tenure, different publishing routes to market, the impact of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, and the vast and booming but traditionally uncounted no-ISBN sector of ebooks and audiobooks.